We believe in the political,
social and business leaders
who work

to improve society

In 2001, Gloria Ostos and Antonio Sola founded OstosSola, with the mission to encourage people who believe they can build a better world.

15 years

We believe in you,

we believe in your ability to influence

OstosSola is a firm focus on consulting services, specialized in the creation of political, social and business strategies.


We believe in the need

of building bridges

During 15 years, OstosSola has grown in experience and knowledge, and has developed high impact projects for leading organizations in the political, social and business areas in more than twenty countries in America and Europe.

We believe that there is a strategic methodology

to achieve success

OstosSola maintained agreements with more than 20 leading universities in Spain, the United States and China and was the only company in the world certified in Political Marketing Strategy, in Social Marketing Strategy, and in Institutional Relations and Communication.