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In 2001, Gloria Ostos and Antonio Sola founded OstosSola, a consultant company specialized in the generation of political, social and business strategies.
OstosSola began its journey with the mission to support and encourage people who believe they can build a better world.
During 15 years, OstosSola has grown in experience and knowledge, and it has developed projects for leading organizations in the political, social and business areas in more than twenty countries in America and Europe.

“Hope is the dream of the waking man”

– Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.


The man has the ability to transform things with reason and will. Therefore, we believe in the value of the human being in society, and their role as agents for change and development. We believe that you, individually or associated, want to have a voice and participate in politics, in the broadest sense, because that responsible participation allows self development and community outreach.


We believe in a global world which is advancing, where communication and access to information mean that our world is interconnected, where personal contribution in creating public opinion is a reality that must be taken into account by governments, economic and social agents, because everyone, individually or in combination, must contribute to the development of society.

“It is the nature of man to be a social and political being, but not live isolated lives among their peers forming a community”.

– Santo Tomás de Aquino (1224-1274)

Our Ten Commandments
  1. We believe that people are carriers of Fundamental Rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  2. We believe that each person, individually and / or associate has ability to understand and willingness to collaborate in building a better world.

  3. We believe that the practices of policy makers contribute to the development of people, therefore, we support political leaders who take up office within the government to work for the common good.

  4. We believe that democracy, institution building, education, legal security and freedom of press are essential for sustainable development , enabling economic and social development of the people.

  5. We believe that people must be the center of all public, economic and social policy.

  6. We believe that it is important that an active, free and responsible, individually or organized, citizen participation in public life.

  7. We believe in a subsidiary state and, therefore, we support social leaders with a vocation to serve, promote initiatives in an organized way to work in a cause that contributes to the common good of the people.

  8. We believe that responsible and sustainable economic development contributes to the development of people. Therefore, we support business leaders with a vocation to serve, take initiative and risks to provide products and services that satisfy human needs, and create wealth through a generation of employment, which enables personal and professional development and at the same time give back some of their profits to society through the implementation of CSR projects.

  9. We believe in the need of racional use of the environment as a responsibility for future generations.

  10. We believe that there is a Latin American vocation, which is the spirit of belonging to a culture with a shared language and values​​.

In OstosSola Group are signatories of Global Compact of the United Nations.
Our Pillars


Experience in more than 20 countries in Europe and Latin America.

Specialization of Services

Experts in generating political, corporate and social strategies.


From 2008 to 2016, the only company in the world certified in Political Marketing Strategy, Social Marketing Strategy, and Institutional Relations and Communication.


Agreements with more than 20 leading universities in Spain, USA and China.


Since 2001, we have performed high-impact international projects.